Thursday, April 5, 2007

Red Lobster Bisquick Rolls (Cut Down)

Copycat Recipes

3/4 c Cheese -- cheddar, grated.
2/3 c Milk
1 c Butter -- melted

Place Biscuit in bow l. Cut butter into 1/4" pieces.
Place butter on top of biscuit. Stir with fork until butter is completely coated with biscuit. Make a well in mixture and add milk and cheese. Stir only until blended. Place in an ungreased biscuit pan with the sides of biscuits touching... this keeps them soft.
Brush melted butter with seasonings.
Bake at 450 degrees for 9 minutes.

Copycat Recipes


Randi said...

This recipe doesnt make sense?

Dan said...

This (cut down) recipe has been cut down a bit too much. It fails to list Bisquick and its measurements, etc. Please correct it by re-writing - or delete it as being incomplete.